It all started somewhere in the 90s, when a little girl tried on her mother’s high heels and realized there was a special power to them, a special element about feeling more feminine.

Some years later this girl went on to create Mimi Chamois, a brand that drinks from this power and the need to innovate, to play the game by different rules. Mimi Chamois is more than a brand of designer shoes, it embodies her desire to help you walk this world in a new fashion.”


Mimi's family owned shoe business

From an early age, Michelle had access to the backstage of her family’s shoe business, where she learned from the masters how great shoes are made.


Mimi's first release

At the end of 2019, Mimi launches her first line of shoes under the then named C’Moi Shoes. Her first creation was the Viviane Boots, this dazzling and daring design which is a top-seller to this day.

From then on, Mimi Chamois’ creations have been seducing women all over the world and gaining prestige amongst celebrities and the most elegant people to walk the streets.

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2022, a year of evolution


Year of the official launch

This is the year of the official launch of the Mimi Lift, the game-changing technology developed by Mimi Chamois to grant more comfort and stability with a special rubber.
This patented sexy red suit under each sole makes these shoes even more exclusive, even more empowering, as they allow you to go anywhere for as long as you need without hurting your feet.


C'Moi becomes Mimi Chamois

Part of this revolutionary year for the brand is that we decided to rebrand! The diamond logo stays the same but the name Mimi Chamois carries with it the strength that these shoes represent


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