Discover the epitome of elegance with Mimi Chamois! Step confidently into any journey with fabulous shoes that redefine comfort and fashion. Through a fusion of technology, design, and premium materials, we believe that every woman deserves to wear fabulous shoes wherever they go.

Elevate your style and comfort with Mimi Chamois shoes. Experience indulgence in every step as you join our game of elegance. Step into a world where style meets comfort and life is a cool game – lets play to win darling!!

Because you deserve the best! We are here to deliver a unique experience of luxury, comfort and style. 

Nace Mimi Chamois

In the vibrant ’90s, Michelle emerged from a girl’s fascination with her mother’s heels. She blends Brazilian flair and French allure on her blood . The part of the family shoe business helps into Michelle to have a big understand about uniting and enduring elegance with comfort and a revolutionary ideas to be with heels in a very comfy way . Voilà, from childhood dreams to a confident stride-

The Muse Teresa Cabarrús

Theresa Cabarrús discovered early on that reading from the end made books more interesting. In a world where lengthy, dull books were considered the norm for educated girls, Theresa, at the age of 12 and unable to speak French, defied conventions. She embraced her unique perspective, viewing life through singular, colorful lenses. Unconventional and fearless, she navigated the court of failure, proving that being different wasn’t necessarily a disadvantage – she was C’moi.

Admired and loved, Theresa emerged as one of the most beautiful and seductive women of her time. A key player in the French Revolution, she thwarted Robespierre’s extremism, earning her a reprieve from the guillotine. Post-revolution, she pioneered a distinct fashion sense, introducing Greco-Latin-style dresses and captivating sandals, setting the trend for the merveilleuses.

Theresa Cabarrús, the first “It woman” in history, left an indelible mark on fashion. Her eccentricities, from 400 shawls to 30 wigs, were immortalized in Vogue. Her jewelry, like her affairs, was legendary – a gold-enameled snake bracelet with a giant emerald head being the most striking piece. In October 1924, Vogue wrote, “Madame Tallien’s jewelry was as fantastic as her affairs of the heart,” encapsulating the allure of a woman who defied convention and left an everlasting legacy.


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